CoTZ Pure Botanicals & Minerals – Mineral Sunscreen Review

we heart this - press sample affiliate link They don’t call it the Healthier Sunscreen for nothing… I have been blessed with the palest of pale skin. I am literally the fairest of them all. That means that I pretty much always wear sunscreen because my fair skin is also prone to sunburns, which means that skin cancer is a HUGE concern for me. Also a huge concern is the premature aging associated with sun damage. Sunscreen is a daily part of my life, even in my New England … [Read more...]

Pat McGrath Lust: Gloss – The Only Lip Gloss You’ll Ever Need

we heart this - affiliate link In the interest of full-disclosure: I am not a lipgloss girl. I never feel like lipgloss is very impactful on me and I find its wear time lacking. Our fearless leader/resident lipgloss fiend Stef decided to make me a convert and sent me her “favorite lip gloss in the world” Pat McGrath Lust: Gloss ($28) in two shades that she swoons over. “Try the gloss”, she said. “You’ll love it,” she said. Have you ever met … [Read more...]