Ahhhhchooo! Spring is Here: 10 Ways to Deal

Life The Green Way - Spring has sprung! You're excited about the longer days, warmer weather, and finally being able to wear shorts again!  However, for allergy sufferers, it's not such a happy time of year. An estimated 54% of the American population has a reaction to at least one allergen (a substance, often a protein, that causes an allergy, such as pollen or dust). Although indoor allergens like dust mites, mold, pet dander and mildew can be problematic year-round, pollen is probably … [Read more...]

Tell Your Alabama Legislature To Find New Revenue To Protect Clean Water!

Life The Green Way - Clean water protection in Alabama is severely at risk. After years of "kicking the can down the road," the budget situation in Alabama is in dire straits. An “austerity budget” that was created to show how bad things in Alabama would get if the Legislature could not find new revenue to fund the state government is now moving forward as a very real possibility. If passed, this budget would gut many of the agencies and programs that we rely on to protect Alabama’s natural … [Read more...]

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow Swatches and Review

we heart this - press sample affiliate link I’ll Be Your Glow for All Seasons… Charlotte Tilbury has been synonymous with healthy-looking, natural beauty for several years now. Bohemian rapture is how I describe it: full, pouty looks in nature-inspired shades. Their mascara is life, their eyeshadows are uplifting, and their lip colors are to die for. Now, for the first time, I’ve sampled Unisex Healthy Glow and I’m in heaven. (And yes, that subheading is a Grease 2 … [Read more...]

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette Swatches and Review

we heart this - press sample affiliate link Will this killer palette bring the same firepower as the original? Before I talk about the Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded palette ($44), I have to give you an idea of *exactly* how much I revered the original NAKED palette. Birthed in 2010, the Urban Decay NAKED palette quickly became a cult classic, and for good reason. It was unlike anything else on the market in terms of wearability, quality and price point with its beautifully curated selection of one … [Read more...]

Tesla Expands it Network in Australia

Blog of Bridesire - Many say that Tesla does not have the industry to keep up with the demand of electric cars in Australia. The company announced that it was planning a major expansion. This comes with the celebration of the 300th Destination Charger that was installed at the Yarra Valley De Bortoli estate located in Dixon Creek. This is around 50 kilometers to the north east of the city of Melbourne and near the towns of Yarra Glen and Healesville. These charging stations will allow a person … [Read more...]

How Mushrooms Can Clean Up the Environment

Blog of Bridesire - The Fungaschain Project is transforming mushroom waste into usable eco-friendly products. What if the latest fashion trend was a jacket made from mushrooms? Or perhaps when you order take out it is now delivered in mushroom-based packaging. What if the best household cleaners were made from mushrooms too? The world definitely has mushrooms to spare so these scenarios are more than just a possibility. Research continues to look at how mushrooms can be used for products that we … [Read more...]

Modifications to Settlement with Alabama Power Company Will Reduce Harmful Air Pollution

Life The Green Way - EPA NEWSBRIEF: WASHINGTON -- EPA and the U.S. Department of Justice today lodged in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama a proposed modification of a prior 2006 consent decree with Alabama Power Company that will secure further reductions of harmful air pollutants, primarily sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx), from three of the company’s coal-fired power plants in Alabama. The proposed modifications, if entered by the court, will … [Read more...]

Versatile Vinegar: Cleaning the Greener, Cheaper Way!

Life The Green Way - So, now that I've given you an overview of the facts about vinegar and its various types and uses, let's talk about cleaning. White vinegar, also known as distilled vinegar, is a great inexpensive way to clean your home, as it naturally cleans like your typical all-purpose cleaner. It is also a greener alternative to chemically-based products because it's better for the environment. You may begin by buying an inexpensive spray bottle (24-36 oz.) and mix a solution of 1 … [Read more...]

CoTZ Pure Botanicals & Minerals – Mineral Sunscreen Review

we heart this - press sample affiliate link They don’t call it the Healthier Sunscreen for nothing… I have been blessed with the palest of pale skin. I am literally the fairest of them all. That means that I pretty much always wear sunscreen because my fair skin is also prone to sunburns, which means that skin cancer is a HUGE concern for me. Also a huge concern is the premature aging associated with sun damage. Sunscreen is a daily part of my life, even in my New England … [Read more...]

Pat McGrath Lust: Gloss – The Only Lip Gloss You’ll Ever Need

we heart this - affiliate link In the interest of full-disclosure: I am not a lipgloss girl. I never feel like lipgloss is very impactful on me and I find its wear time lacking. Our fearless leader/resident lipgloss fiend Stef decided to make me a convert and sent me her “favorite lip gloss in the world” Pat McGrath Lust: Gloss ($28) in two shades that she swoons over. “Try the gloss”, she said. “You’ll love it,” she said. Have you ever met … [Read more...]

Green Your Cleaning with ‘Cleaning Without Chemicals’ eBook

Accidentally Green - For the original post, visit Accidentally Green - Making healthy decisions that honor God and happen to help the environmnent. I want to help you safely and simply clean your home. Since I’ve tried dozens of green cleaning methods over the past seven years, I’m  happy to share what works and what doesn’t work. Now that March is here, you may be starting to entertain the thought of spring cleaning. I almost hate to admit it, but I started on Monday. My goal is to … [Read more...]

The Fine Line Between Working Hard and Working Too Much {Stewardship Saturday}

Accidentally Green - For the original post, visit Accidentally Green - Making healthy decisions that honor God and happen to help the environmnent. For me, turning “Accidentally Green” has absolutely everything to do with stewardship. There are different ways to be a good steward, though. Today, here are some musings about how you can be a good steward of your work: I think that modern work is a little weird. Maybe the work isn’t what’s weird, but in the big scope of history, today’s … [Read more...]

Earth Is All Bottled Up!

The Green Life Online - Imagine this: you’re a college student, and you’re breaking a sweat trekking across campus. You want to quench your thirst without sipping sugary sports drinks or sodas, so what do you do? Buy bottled water. It’s easy, convenient, and some may say that it even tastes better than tap water. These are some of the excuses students use at Franklin and Marshall College (where I go) when they use extra meal swipes to purchase large cases of bottled water. Although … [Read more...]

Are You Water-Conscious?

The Green Life Online - Go get a drink of water. How far did you have to go? Probably not far enough to think twice. But when Denise Hart, speaker at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, mentioned that the average walking distance to get to a water source in Kenya is two kilometers, I began to think about my water use. Hart also mentioned that in her rural community in New Hampshire, water is a responsibility left up to individuals. Homes, businesses, and schools each have a well that they have … [Read more...]

The Giant Names in the Eco-Fashion Industry

The Green Guide | Green Living Tips, Product Reviews, Buying Guides, Environmental Health News and Online Stores - We are constantly bombarded with stick thin women wearing trendy clothes, which are sometimes too much for their lean body to handle or too small for their pale skin to hide. The fashion industry has deliberately brain washed women on how she should look like, but should they be always concerned with their models’ appeal all the time? I think not. Giving importance to what she’s … [Read more...]

How To Prepare You Medicine Cabinet For The Cold Season

The Green Guide | Green Living Tips, Product Reviews, Buying Guides, Environmental Health News and Online Stores - “It pays to be prepared”, as the saying goes. And this is true when it comes to preparing you medicine cabinet. If someone in your family gets sick, you surely don’t like the idea of going into the pharmacy in the middle of the night just to buy medicines right? So to avoid this, start prepping today for the coming winter and follow these useful tips on what type of medicines to … [Read more...]

Avoid Sleep Deprivation and Learn to Sleep Well (an Infographic)

greenUPGRADER - I came across this great infographic a few days ago on Mind. Body. Green, a great health and wellness website. If you've ever suffered from even one night of too little sleep, or perhaps struggled with long term insomnia, you are probably aware of the mental fog and general discombobulation that occurs. But did you know that long-term sleep deprivation also leads to a host of other issues? As you can see in the infographic, too little sleep can lead to weight gain, cardiovascular … [Read more...]

Spotted: Upcycled “Hunting Trophies”

greenUPGRADER - I am not a fan of hunting. At all. Call me one of those hippie vegans, but I feel ill when I walk into a room and see the head of a dead animal on the wall. That's why I kind of love these awesome faux hunting trophies made from reclaimed bike parts! Austrian Artist Andreas Scheiger makes these trophies out of bicycle parts that he salvages and repurposes into beautiful pieces of art. All of his work focuses on the surreal, and I love that he's taken an artform that I find … [Read more...]

KidWind Provides A Hands-On Renewable Energy Course

Green Living Ideas - What better way to encourage more renewable acceptance than having kids learn about it at an early age? This great program works with kids across the United States in 2014, including some international events. According to this article from Sustainablog, KidWind has developed an impressive array of educational programming both for science educators wanting to introduce their students to renewable energy, and for students themselves. The KidWind Challenge, the organization’s … [Read more...]

BrightFarms: Changing the Way our Food System Works

Green Living Ideas - It’s time for a revolution in the food supply chain. BrightFarms, Inc has just announced a big step forward for their business. In this article from Clean Technica, we learn that BrightFarms has been working hard to make our supermarket produce more sustainable, more nutritious, and more delicious. By growing food on the roof of supermarkets, BrightFarms is able to increase the efficiency of the supermarket supply chain, decreasing dependance on fossil fuels for … [Read more...]

4 Easy Tips To Make Your Holiday Kitchen Greener

Life The Green Way - The holiday season is upon us! For most of you, that means spending a lot more time in the kitchen - whether you're hosting a party or simply cooking a traditional meal for your family. No matter what the reason, you're going to shop for many ingredients, cook, clean, and enjoy lots of yummy food (let's hear it for the leftovers)! If you're like me (and I'll bet you are, since you're here), you want to buy quality food that is also healthy for your family, while keeping … [Read more...]

Seafood Lovers: Is Your Favorite Fish Eco-friendly? Find Out Here!

Life The Green Way - I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE seafood! I could eat it three times a day, seven days a week. So, needless to say, I was a little distressed to find that one of my all-time favorite fish (Chilean sea bass) is categorized as "Eco-Worst." I did, however, see a lot of goodies on the "Eco-Best" list. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) uses several criteria to determine which fish merit an "Eco-Best," "Eco-Ok," or … [Read more...]

Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats: Gluten, Dairy, & Refined Sugar Free

Green Talk® - You might wonder–what is like being a blogger?  I spending an inordinate amount of my day researching, writing and connecting with others on social media. Truth be told, life on the web can be quite lonely.  But, luckily I have a wonderful group of friends that I met when my children were young.  We meet once a month for lunch to  gab about our children, our lives, and celebrate our 29th birthdays over and over again. Well, March is special month since it is my … [Read more...]