Still Plugging Electric Cars at NAIAS 2016

EcoGeek - Nobody is trying to save the planet with green cars anymore. The days of green cars being featured at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) seem to be over.  Gone are the days of rainforest themes and bamboo floors and ostentatiously placed recycling bins.  But we’ve been reporting that for the past few years. We’ve continued to note the decrease in emphasis on the importance of fuel economy, resource conservation, emissions reduction, and similar features … [Read more...]

Toyota i-ROAD: Zero Emissions, Future of Mobility & Fun to Drive

Green Talk® - Motor vehicles account for 26% of  the US greenhouse emissions which contributes to climate change. In turn Climate change causes extreme weather patterns, which  are disruptive, deadly, and expensive, such as Hurricane Sandy.  But crisis spawns innovation  such as in the case of  Toyota’s all electric i-ROAD vehicle.  Its smaller footprint  fits the needs of many people from a convenience and environmental standpoint with the added benefit–it is fun to drive! Zero … [Read more...]