8 Best Creams to Lighten Dark Inner Thighs to Try in 2020

we heart this - Do you need a good cream for dark inner thighs? Having dark inner thighs may not be a serious health issue. But they can be a great source of embarrassment. Imagine not being able to wear your favorite shorts or bikini. Pigmented inner thighs are unflattering and can affect your self-confidence. Fortunately, there are many simple remedies to address this. In this post, I’m going to share the best cream for dark inner thighs to get rid of the discoloration and even your skin … [Read more...]

20 Best Types of Facials You Should Try In 2020

we heart this - What are the best types of facials that suit your needs? With a strong desire to look good, a lot of women get facials. Through facials, women achieve what they desire to have for their skin. Smooth, clear, and youthful glow. After all, the key signs of beauty are radiance and a healthy glow on the skin. One of the best ways to take care of your skin is through facial treatments. This will bring out your natural beauty and light up your entire appearance. With a professional … [Read more...]

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow Swatches and Review

we heart this - press sample affiliate link I’ll Be Your Glow for All Seasons… Charlotte Tilbury has been synonymous with healthy-looking, natural beauty for several years now. Bohemian rapture is how I describe it: full, pouty looks in nature-inspired shades. Their mascara is life, their eyeshadows are uplifting, and their lip colors are to die for. Now, for the first time, I’ve sampled Unisex Healthy Glow and I’m in heaven. (And yes, that subheading is a Grease 2 … [Read more...]

Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded Palette Swatches and Review

we heart this - press sample affiliate link Will this killer palette bring the same firepower as the original? Before I talk about the Urban Decay NAKED Reloaded palette ($44), I have to give you an idea of *exactly* how much I revered the original NAKED palette. Birthed in 2010, the Urban Decay NAKED palette quickly became a cult classic, and for good reason. It was unlike anything else on the market in terms of wearability, quality and price point with its beautifully curated selection of one … [Read more...]

CoTZ Pure Botanicals & Minerals – Mineral Sunscreen Review

we heart this - press sample affiliate link They don’t call it the Healthier Sunscreen for nothing… I have been blessed with the palest of pale skin. I am literally the fairest of them all. That means that I pretty much always wear sunscreen because my fair skin is also prone to sunburns, which means that skin cancer is a HUGE concern for me. Also a huge concern is the premature aging associated with sun damage. Sunscreen is a daily part of my life, even in my New England … [Read more...]

Pat McGrath Lust: Gloss – The Only Lip Gloss You’ll Ever Need

we heart this - affiliate link In the interest of full-disclosure: I am not a lipgloss girl. I never feel like lipgloss is very impactful on me and I find its wear time lacking. Our fearless leader/resident lipgloss fiend Stef decided to make me a convert and sent me her “favorite lip gloss in the world” Pat McGrath Lust: Gloss ($28) in two shades that she swoons over. “Try the gloss”, she said. “You’ll love it,” she said. Have you ever met … [Read more...]

Delush Polish XO Collection – swatches and review

we heart this - All hail Queen Bey with a new indie polish collection! Beyoncé has inspired us all to put a ring on it, pay our bills, run the world and get bodied. Now, Beyoncé can inspire us to paint our nails (fiercely of course) with Delush Polish and their romantic XO Collection. This line pairs cremes with glitter to produce a set of three polishes that will make you fall crazy in love. As soon as I saw this collection, I rushed to purchase them for this review – you can pick up … [Read more...]

Top Natural Facial Products for Dry Skin

Mindful Momma - Raise your hand if your skin is drier than usual this winter. It’s been a harsh one for sure...Read the whole entry... » ; ; ; ; ; ;Related StoriesGreener, Safer, Better Stocking Stuffers5 Eco Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (or You!)Consciously Curated Gifts from True Goods Giveaway! ; (c) Mindful Momma - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat – swatches and review

we heart this - press sample affiliate links I saw a very peculiar thing this week, my husband sitting at our desk staring deep into one of my compacts for what seemed close to a minute. He only stopped when I asked him what he was doing and he replied “I never looked at this stuff before so I wanted to see what was up.” Stuff meaning makeup, of course. And “what was up” meaning why I spend a majority of my waking hours dedicated to it. So, I asked him what he thought … [Read more...]