Earth Is All Bottled Up!

The Green Life Online - Imagine this: you’re a college student, and you’re breaking a sweat trekking across campus. You want to quench your thirst without sipping sugary sports drinks or sodas, so what do you do? Buy bottled water. It’s easy, convenient, and some may say that it even tastes better than tap water. These are some of the excuses students use at Franklin and Marshall College (where I go) when they use extra meal swipes to purchase large cases of bottled water. Although … [Read more...]

Are You Water-Conscious?

The Green Life Online - Go get a drink of water. How far did you have to go? Probably not far enough to think twice. But when Denise Hart, speaker at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, mentioned that the average walking distance to get to a water source in Kenya is two kilometers, I began to think about my water use. Hart also mentioned that in her rural community in New Hampshire, water is a responsibility left up to individuals. Homes, businesses, and schools each have a well that they have … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways to Go Greener This Summer

The Green Life Online - Ah, summer. We wait all winter for the long days, sunny skies, and happy times. But we aren’t the only ones to benefit from this season, the Earth can as well! Although summer goes by faster than many of us would like, there are many ways we can make the most of our time left. Now is the best time to create more sustainable habits. Here are our top five to get started. Are there other ways that the summer inspires you to live more sustainably? Let us know! … [Read more...]

From Mac ‘N Cheese to “More Kale, Please!”

The Green Life Online - A bowl of pasta with “no green things.” I wouldn’t order anything else until I was nine or ten years old. If, god forbid, there was a piece of parsley as a garnish, my dinner was ruined. Broccoli and green beans were the only two green vegetables in my rotation for years, and the only fruits I ate until pretty recently were apples and watermelon. This was the life I led as a painfully picky kid. In the past year as a vegan, I’ve probably consumed more fruits and … [Read more...]