Had Enough of Mowing Your Lawn? Here Are Some Lawn Alternatives

Blog of Bridesire - Unless you are running a farm there is really no need for an excessive amount of grass. Are you spending a lot of time and money on your lawn? You can now stop. Green lawns are nice to look at but they waste a lot of water, fertilizer, and gas taking care of them. They also waste your precious time. In the United States alone 80 million galls of gas are used for lawn mowers. This accounts for 5 percent of greenhouse gas emission. There are lawn alternatives that will reduce … [Read more...]

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Kitchen Waste

Nature Moms Blog - According to a research, the average kitchen wastes approximately $1000 in food per year. Roughly 40% of all food produced worldwide ends up in the garbage.  Think of how many hungry people could be fed if we cleaned up our act and actually used what we purchased and thus only purchased what we actually needed. Our budgets would be immediately helped by making a few changes and wasting less food. I know personally I cringe at the idea of throwing away $1000 a year. I can … [Read more...]

Why Preppers Garden: Different Reasons for Growing Your Own Food

Sustainablog - As I’ve pointed out before, I think we greenies have a lot in common with preppers/survivalists. Even if the ideologies underlying our actions are completely different, both groups value self-sufficiency, take a hands-on approach to health and well-being, and distrust large institutions (of certain kinds, anyway) telling us what to do.  While you’ll see that Organic Prepper Daisy Luther is suspicious of international-scale sustainability efforts in here post below, the … [Read more...]

How to Grow Turmeric + Video

Green Talk® - Using turmeric in dishes provides immense health benefits.  If you want to take a stab at growing your own turmeric, it is pretty darn easy once the roots germinate.  It grows similar to ginger and you harvest the roots.  Unlike ginger,  you must harvest the entire plant when it matures. I know you are all ready to grow turmeric–but here is the kicker–it takes 8 to 10 months before you can harvest the plant. Before you say, “Anna, I am up for the journey,” … [Read more...]

Why We Have to Start Gardening in the City… RIGHT NOW

Nature Moms Blog - Many people who start gardening in the city do so for a very good reason. They want good food. They want the crispiest, juiciest, cucumbers they can get their hands on and the ripest and most flavorful tomatoes.  They want foods grown locally, on a small scale, and without chemical fertilizers or herbicides. They want farm fresh, even though they don’t live on a farm. Is this unreasonable or just plain smart? Most of our food comes from farms in rural areas and it is … [Read more...]

Sustainable Prison Rehabilitation Program Celebrates Years of Success

Sustainablog - Prison rehabilitation usually involves some combination of on-site work experience, and maybe some GED or college courses. But gardening? Dog training? Prairie restoration? Sounds like some social worker’s fantasy – right? Well, in some places, but in Washington State, the Sustainability in Prisons Program – a partnership with Evergreen State College – has over five years of success stories involving these specific activities. Not only are they giving … [Read more...]