Sweet news! Chocolate may help improve memory

The Green Parent - Researchers find that plant compounds called flavanols are the key to reducing memory loss. (Photo: Dasha Petrenko/Shutterstock) Good news chocolate lovers! New research has found that a compound found in chocolate may help improve memory skills and reduce the memory loss that often accompanies old age. It’s all about the flavanols. Researchers have found that these plant compounds – found in chocolate – are the key to the improvements. In a new study, … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways to Identify Non-Toxic Beauty and Personal Care Products

Mindful Momma - Learn how to identify non-toxic beauty and personal care products by understanding ingredients,...Read the whole entry... » ; ; ; ; ; ; ; (c) Mindful Momma - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

How To Prepare You Medicine Cabinet For The Cold Season

The Green Guide | Green Living Tips, Product Reviews, Buying Guides, Environmental Health News and Online Stores - “It pays to be prepared”, as the saying goes. And this is true when it comes to preparing you medicine cabinet. If someone in your family gets sick, you surely don’t like the idea of going into the pharmacy in the middle of the night just to buy medicines right? So to avoid this, start prepping today for the coming winter and follow these useful tips on what type of medicines to … [Read more...]

Avoid Sleep Deprivation and Learn to Sleep Well (an Infographic)

greenUPGRADER - I came across this great infographic a few days ago on Mind. Body. Green, a great health and wellness website. If you've ever suffered from even one night of too little sleep, or perhaps struggled with long term insomnia, you are probably aware of the mental fog and general discombobulation that occurs. But did you know that long-term sleep deprivation also leads to a host of other issues? As you can see in the infographic, too little sleep can lead to weight gain, cardiovascular … [Read more...]

Fragrance folly

Green Living - A look at the not-so-pretty side of the personal care industry By Jessica Burman; Article provided by Alternatives Journal Photo credit: istockphoto/diego_cervo My biggest grievance with the personal care … [Read more...]

Natural Ways to Battle Seasonal Allergies

The Eco-Friendly Family - Pin ItAs the weather begins to warm, seasonal allergies start to kick into high gear. Our lungs pump in approximately 3,400 gallons of air each and every day, which gives airborne allergens like pollen many opportunities to get in. These are a few tips to help keep your allergies under control all year round, but especially in high-allergen months, starting with your home! Check Your Filters Filtrete, a company I have used for years, is all about indoor air quality – … [Read more...]

Spring clean your beauty routine

Green Living - 28 fantastic beauty products that are good for you and the planet By Green Living Editors This spring, say goodbye to nasty toxins and give your beauty routine a clean slate. We’ve rounded up our favourite selections for gorgeous skin, great hair and chic makeup. Click through for our top picks. read … [Read more...]