Toxic Chemicals in Cleaning Solutions

Blog of Bridesire - The main concept behind any cleaning effort is to maintain high standards of hygiene. While at it, it is important to make sure that you are safe from hazardous cleaning chemicals. Safety always comes first. There is no point of having the targeted areas looking clean but toxic. It is therefore important to know the contents of your cleaner before indulging in any cleaning activity. Always read the contents of the cleaner as well as the cleaning instructions. Below are some … [Read more...]

Chimney Safety 101

The Green Guide | Green Living Tips, Product Reviews, Buying Guides, Environmental Health News and Online Stores - Conducting chimney maintenance every fall season is crucial to keep the safety of our family. Neglected chimneys accumulate a certain material known as creosote which is a highly combustible by-product from charred wood. Failing to remove this will lead to chimney fires that can destroy homes and risk your family’s safety in the process. The best way to prevent chimney fires is to … [Read more...]