Spotted: Upcycled “Hunting Trophies”

greenUPGRADER - I am not a fan of hunting. At all. Call me one of those hippie vegans, but I feel ill when I walk into a room and see the head of a dead animal on the wall. That's why I kind of love these awesome faux hunting trophies made from reclaimed bike parts! Austrian Artist Andreas Scheiger makes these trophies out of bicycle parts that he salvages and repurposes into beautiful pieces of art. All of his work focuses on the surreal, and I love that he's taken an artform that I find … [Read more...]

Solar innovation gives Nicaraguan community a brighter future

GreenBiz - In a region where most households lack electricity, the Solar Women is spreading clean, off-grid power. (c) GreenBiz - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Clean Drinking Water Breakthrough: Tree Branch Filter

greenUPGRADER - A new water filter uses a tree branch as a filter to provide clean, safe drinking water in areas without access to this necessity. There are millions of people worldwide who live without access to clean drinking water because of water pollution. Many of these people live in rural areas and in poverty, and that presents a big challenge when it comes to creating viable water filtration solutions. You need to change water filters, and that costs money. Water filters don't grow on … [Read more...]