Reprint: The dark side of plant-based food

Our Daily Green - The dark side of plant-based food – it's more about money than you may think There’s more behind that vegan burger than it seems. Nina Firsova/ Martin Cohen, University of Hertfordshire and Frédéric Leroy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel If you were to believe newspapers and dietary advice leaflets, you’d probably think that doctors and (c) Our Daily Green - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Save Money By Learning When To Buy Organic: The New "Dirty Dozen" Plus

Life The Green Way - Image via WikipediaEating fresh fruits and vegetables is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle; and while no one wants to eat produce that is full of pesticides, most of us are and don't even realize it. There are many benefits of eating organic food: most importantly, they're pesticide-free, meaning no pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used to grow it. Unfortunately, organic food almost always costs more than conventionally-grown produce. As I mentioned in … [Read more...]